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Loans Options Available

A reverse mortgage is a unique loan that allows homeowner(s) 62 years of age and older to draw on the value of their home, which is paid to the homeowner(s) in a variety of payout options. HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage), is the most common type of reverse mortgage one aspect of this loan is that it does not require repayment until the homeowner(s) no longer reside in the residence, the last surviving borrower passes away or does not comply with the loan obligations such as paying property taxes and insurance, and maintaining the property to FHA guidelines.

Reverse Mortgage

Federally-insured reverse mortgage loan backed by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

for Purchase

An H4P (a type of HECM) enables qualified  senior homebuyers to purchase a new primary residence that better suits their needs and obtain a reverse mortgage in one transaction.

Line of Credit

A regular home equity line of credit (HELOC) requires monthly payments, does not grow, and can be called due by the lender at any time.

Most but not all reverse mortgages are Home Equity Conversion Mortgages – HECMs and are only available through an FHA-approved lender.  This advertisement talks about HECM loans only.

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Like most Americans, you have probably been working years to build up the equity in your home. Why not let your home equity work for you! Download our FREE Reverse information kit and see if a Reverse Mortgage Loan is right for you!


What You'll Learn:

  • What a Reverse Mortgage is and How Much You Could Qualify For

  • The Most Common Uses of A Reverse Mortgage

  • The Financial Power of a HECM Line of Credit

  • How to use a Reverse Mortgage Loan to purchase your retirement home

Webinars & Partner Podcasts
Are you over 62 and own your own home?

1. Would you like to remain in your home for as long as possible with no monthly mortgage payments, only paying taxes and insurance (and homeowners association dues, if applicable), and maintaining your home?

2. Would you like to potentially have extra cash to spend as you please?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you might be a good candidate for the HECM reverse mortgage programs we have. During this no-obligation informational seminar, we’ll share important details about today’s reverse mortgage loans. your current mortgage (if you have one) while retaining ownership of your home during the life of the loan.

You’ll learn how this loan can help you:

• Pay off during retirement.
• Convert a portion of the equity in your home into tax-free* cash to pay your bills and enhance your cash flow. 

What to Expect at your First Reverse Mortgage Loan Appointment

Step 1
Get Acquainted

We’ll talk about you, your home, family, finances, assets, income in retirement, etc.

Step 2

We’ll conduct a brief financial assessment; determine your and your home’s eligibility; and ensure that property taxes, homeowners insurance have been paid and are current.

Step 3
Loan Options

We will spend time discussing three different scenarios for your unique situation. A numbers analysis will indicate what options fit your needs and goals. Each loan option will be thoroughly explained so you have enough information to make a good decision.

Step 4
Ask Questions

We will take time to help you answer some important questions: 

  • It a reverse mortgage loan the right product for you?

  • Is Fairway Mortgage the right company?

  • Is your reverse mortgage loan specialist the right professional for you?

  • Is this the right time for you to pursue a reverse mortgage loan?

Step 5
Talk About Retirement Hopes & Dreams

We will take some time to discuss your retirement plans and future. 

  • What are some of your retirement goals?

  • How could accessing your home's equity help you to better your life and/ or plan for your future?

  • Where would you like to live or what changes in your home could make it more comfortable?

Step 6
Next Steps

Once we know that a reverse mortgage loan is a right path to take, we will talk about and begin planning for your next steps in the process. 


Professional Community

Are you a realtor who specializes in senior real estate or a Financial Planner working with seniors to plan and manage their retirement assets? How about an assisted living facility administrator or are you in a business that supports seniors? Our Fairway Reverse Mortgage professional community is a great place to watch informative webinars from leading experts and educational materials to help you understand how a reverse mortgage loan could be a good fit for your clients. 


Educational Materials & Blogs

At Fairway Reverse Mortgage you can find out more about what a reverse mortgage loan is and if one is a good fit for you and your family. Our blog is full of resources to help you navigate the path from evaluation to the reverse mortgage loan process to the final funding stage. We are here to help you!